[08/20/05]RRkit tourney stuff!

The tourneyinfo page and the ranks have been updated at last!
My apologees for not doing this earlier, but personal matters went ahead of RRkit :)


[08/15/05]8th TT Challenge

I posted new TT challenge. This time its DoctaShade Greeny. You can send me replays to 27th August, when challenge will be finished.



Hello there, I'll be trying to help D1 and Flamie with RRkit from now. :)
PS. I posted new TT Challenge.


[05/29/05]RRkit 21 Has finished

Ryan is still on top!
Check out the tourney info page for details.


[05/07/05]RRkit 21 announcement

Flamie has just announced RRkit 21! Check out the tourney info page for details.


[05/05/05]Timetrial challenge

The timetrial challenge has reopened!


[04/30/05]RRkit#20 finished!

31 people signed up (one of which disappeared) and Ryan once again wins! Is there no one that can stop this RRing machine? :)
Check the tourney info page for the complete results!


[04/17/05]Map updates

Can it be?
Yes! RRkit has a new map update! It's a B&W update:

1 map by Dextah090
2 maps by Joe
67 maps by Krutgumman
1 map by magic
55 maps by Project
26 maps by WarZ

Check them out at the download section!


[04/02/05]RRkit#20 announcement!

Check the Tourney info page for the regular info!


[04/02/05]RRkit#19 finishes!

36 people participated and Neuro wins! No more chutes for this guy in regular RR tourneys! :)
Check the Tourney info page for the rest of the results!


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The tourney is over; click here for results.

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