Rope Race Maps

Click on the author's name to download their map pack. Extract the map packs (.zip files) into the the "SavedLevels" folder, located in the User folder in your W:A or WWP directory. Using subfolders to organize your maps can save you a lot of time. If you have any maps you'd like to submit, you can do so here.

Linear Maps
(Maps with a good sense of spacing and a good degree of ropability)
AuthorDescriptionMap CountSize
QP RRs Great maps made by Pure and Goose of clan QP. See the ReadMe inside for details.(wwp) 50 RRs 270 KB
Magic A very nice series of stylized maps; many of them are wonderful speed races! 43 RRs
185 KB
Fearless Great maps made by Dynamic (formerly Fearless) in the W:A terrain editor!(wwp) 76 RRs 67 KB
TonY All of the B&W TonY maps... including various versions (such as golden editions). 67 RRs
1 Wascar
282 KB
Seneca Completely Linear, addictive grid maps. 25 RRs 84 KB
Az01 A very nice and simple series of mostly speed races. 59 RRs 55 KB
Aspin Good linear maps, some are a tidbit crampt. 25 RRs 42 KB
MajeK Linear, yet very nice and addictive maps =) 37 RRs 43 KB
JoE Many good speed races and cannon maps here. 18 RRs
6 CRRs
30 x2x RRs
148 KB
LordZeteg Some very nice maps. This is the more linear part of the Zeteg series. 41 RRs 168 KB
Pi Three great wascars by Pi! =D 3 Wascars 16 KB
Project Awesome linear maps by Project, good flow, good style and most importantly fun to RR on. 86 RRs 419 KB
Neuromancer Very good maps by Neuromancer, mostly Speed maps, good to warmup on. 37 RRs 102 KB
Various Authors This pack contains various maps that deserve recognition, but that didn't make it onto the site as map packs because the the authors didn't have enough maps. 24 RRs 111 KB

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