Rope Race Maps

Click on the author's name to download their map pack. Extract the map packs (.zip files) into the the "SavedLevels" folder, located in the User folder in your W:A or WWP directory. Using subfolders to organize your maps can save you a lot of time. If you have any maps you'd like to submit, you can do so here.

Color Maps
(Last Updated: 7/15/04)
AuthorDescriptionMap CountSize
All Color Maps All the color maps available on RRkit sorted by author. 236 RRs 13.6 MB
Remixed Maps Black and white maps now in color! 11 RRs 580 KB
Wascars Three fun, color wascars. 3 Wascars 580 KB
Bloopy Various bloopy maps, including competition maps. 6 RRs 381 KB
ATM Mostly linear, interesting color maps. Enjoy. 17 RRs 689 KB
FatalFanatic Some very nice color maps. 13 RRs 1.13 MB
TonY Fun, linear, and artistic maps! =D 17 RRs 851 KB
AnAmAt Innovative and fun maps from clan MR! 14 RRs 429 KB
TheWalrus Great color maps from the NBR series. 9 RRs 191 KB
HereHeComes Fun, linear, and artistic maps. 6 RRs 734 KB
CharlyHustle Linear and enjoyable maps. 27 RRs 1.21 MB
DoctaShade Linear and fun maps with color themes. 9 RRs 221 KB
DraveN Simple and Linear, yet oddly addicitive. 7 RRs 374 KB
Lenny Generally basic linear maps, with some interesting use of color. 9 RRs 221 KB
Steaker Fun and linear maps. Somewhat griddy. 17 RRs 1.12 MB
Tiger Some nice maps by Tiger. 5 RRs 428 KB
SANE A series of relatively simple, linear maps by aenimic and Lyriquid. 20 RRs 1.56 MB
Project Nice color maps by Project, not too eye-hurting, and nice to rope on. 99 RRs 6.68 MB
Various Quite a few color maps by various authors. Enjoy! 46 RRs 3.06 MB

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