Some files here run independently from W:A or WWP while others require that you put them in the W:A or WWP directory (or subdirectories within the User folder). Some also require that additional files be installed, available in the utilities section. If you have any files you'd like to submit, you can do so here.

Beta3.6.20.3 The latest beta patch, released by Deadcode, as always with new features and bug fixes which are listed in the readme file =)
TeamSpeak A really convenient voice chat program for games. The server used by most wormers is run by Dextah090, with the IP and the password yougotowned.
Worms Breakout! Worms Breakout is a version of the classic breakout game, where your goal in each level is to break all the bricks. This game is infused with a general Wormy attitude, including Worms graphics, weapons and sound effects.
W:A Screensaver The official W:A screensaver by Team17, aside from being a whole lot of fun to watch, does your monitor a lot of good; why burn your screen when Worms can burn each other?
RopeBurn A demo for RopeBurn, a two-player game that imitates roping in W:A, that was apparantley never quite finished. It's still fun to play around with =)
Bloopy RR Missions This zip contains three Bloopy RR Missions for WWP. To use them, simply extract them to the "Missions" folder, in the User folder of your WWP directory. You can submit your times on Bloopy's site.
SoyYoSoyYo's FrontEnd This new frontend for Worms Armageddon is very nice, it has a nice rounded menu that uses Worms3D concept art. For a screenshot and installation directions click here.
Symphonic's FrontEnd Another frontend for Worms Armageddon. It uses new graphics just about everywhere, but still maintains a sense of unity. For a screenshot and installation directions click here.
Tapometer v2.02 And, just for fun, here's a little program to determine how fast you can tap. I average about 12 taps per second when finger rolling (using two fingers like on a piano).

The tourney is over; click here for results.

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