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[08/20/05]RRkit tourney stuff!

The tourneyinfo page and the ranks have been updated at last!
My apologees for not doing this earlier, but personal matters went ahead of RRkit :)


[08/15/05]8th TT Challenge

I posted new TT challenge. This time its DoctaShade Greeny. You can send me replays to 27th August, when challenge will be finished.



Hello there, I'll be trying to help D1 and Flamie with RRkit from now. :)
PS. I posted new TT Challenge.


[05/29/05]RRkit 21 Has finished

Ryan is still on top!
Check out the tourney info page for details.


[05/07/05]RRkit 21 announcement

Flamie has just announced RRkit 21! Check out the tourney info page for details.


[05/05/05]Timetrial challenge

The timetrial challenge has reopened!


[04/30/05]RRkit#20 finished!

31 people signed up (one of which disappeared) and Ryan once again wins! Is there no one that can stop this RRing machine? :)
Check the tourney info page for the complete results!


[04/17/05]Map updates

Can it be?
Yes! RRkit has a new map update! It's a B&W update:

1 map by Dextah090
2 maps by Joe
67 maps by Krutgumman
1 map by magic
55 maps by Project
26 maps by WarZ

Check them out at the download section!


[04/02/05]RRkit#20 announcement!

Check the Tourney info page for the regular info!


[04/02/05]RRkit#19 finishes!

36 people participated and Neuro wins! No more chutes for this guy in regular RR tourneys! :)
Check the Tourney info page for the rest of the results!


[03/22/05]Rrkit#18 finishes!

24 people participated and Ryan wins his third RRkit in his 8th final! What an amazing feat!
Check the Tourney info page for the rest of the results!


[03/13/05]Tourney announcements added!

The tourneyinfo page has been updated and holds the announcement for both March tourneys!
Check it out!


[03/06/05]RRkit 17 finished!

RRkit#17 has finished and I was lucky enough to win it :)
In a related matter, the next tournament has already been announced on the forum! March will have 2 tournaments instead of just one! The extra tourney will be held on the 20th of march at 7pm gmt in RH. Check this thread for more information!


[02/06/05]RRkit 17 announced!

RRkit #17 will be hosted by me on the 26th of february. Check the tourney page for more info!


[01/29/05]RRkit 16 ended, and big update to the site :)

The tournament went great, 32 people showed up, and DarkOne proved himself to be the best LG RRer for this month =) Congratulations DarkOne.

I have updated the site aswell, new map packs available; qp & fearless WWP version, Neuro Black and White maps in the linear section, Project maps in both, color and linear section.

As you probably noticed there will not be any TimeTrial challenge for the moment, But congratulations to Ryan for winning the previous one.

Finally, I sincerely apologize for the time it took for me to update, as i was extremely overloaded with deadlines all over the place.


[01/16/05]RRkit 16 announcement!

That's right, people! The announcement is on the tourney page!


[01/09/05]Tourney results and rankings update!

It took a while to update RRkit regarding the tournament, because I was on vacation in hungary :)
Those that know me should know I had other things on my mind there :)
The finals replays will be posted on the olympics site, amongst all other replays that were sent to If you haven't sent your replays there yet, please do so as soon as possible :)
The full results can be found here.


[12/08/04]Update! + Apology :)

Well I updated the TT challenge, standings, good job ryan, you've been doing an awesome job, make sure you check out his replays. I also recommend watching Madden's replay, as he did some awesome pumps in it.

And I'm sorry, I haven't been able to update RRkit as much as I expected, I've been studying for my finals next week, I'll be done in 1.5 weeks, hopefully then I can update the way its suppose to be, so Neuro, Wza, and Bonhert, I will be putting your maps then, so once again, Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for bearing with me :)



The 2nd TimeTrial Challenge has ended! And Mablak (..:.....:..) got he fastest time with a dazzling 45.92s run. Good job Mablyarg :D.

The new Challenge is up, this time on a Linear map! AZ01 RopeRace number 42. You all have two weeks to submit your replays :)

As for the new section, it will be a little delayed as we need to find a server that can actually support the size of the files we want to upload, stay tuned, as any news will be posted ;)

And finally, RRkit#15 has been announced, will be hosted by DarkOne and I will be the announcer on the 27th of december. Make sure you all come and give it your best shot!


[11/28/04]Small Update!

I forgot to change the number of Maps and the size when I added the newest AZ01 maps.

I also updated the TT challenges standings, Anubis takes the lead by a few milliseconds.

I would also like to pre-announce a new section that will be added to RRkit, So stay tuned to see what it is. Thanks a lot fo FlowingWater for giving me the idea and helping me build it!



Added the latest az01 maps, so make sure you get them.

I also updated the TT challenges standings :) Enjoy!


[11/18/04] 1st TT challenge is done!

Congratulations to Anubis for achieving a 33.38second time on TonY71! Challenge #2 is up on LexPro65, good luck to everyone.

A bit belated, but RRkit#14 finished, FlowingWater and Ryan took the trophy home, I must say it was a very fun, and challenging tournament, and I do intend to hold another 2vs2 TimeTrial tournament in the near future :) Maybe even in LG this time =D


[11/04/04]Small Update!

I have added Krutgumman's "best of" map pack, it is located in the Abstract maps section. Make sure you get them as they are awesome maps.

I would like to remind you that if you live on the GMT time, the RR tournament will be held at 8PM (because of daylight savings) if you dont, it's gonna be at the same hour as every RRkit tournament held in the last year! See you all there.

You also probably noticed that I finished working the Time Trial challenge section, So, to all of you RopeRacers, good luck and have fun on the first challenge :)


[10/30/04] Tourney finals!

The replays of the finals of RRkit 13 haven't been posted anywhere yet, but it's here at last!. Click here to download them!


[10/26/04] Tourney Updates!

Hey, Tony here. I couldn't bear to see the tourney section of the site go without updates so I updated the Tourney Info, Ranks, and the counter (which can be found at the bottom of every page).

Please be aware that Flamie has announced RRkit #14; it will be held on Saturday the 13th of November 2004 at 7 PM GMT (the usual time) in #RH of WN1. See the Tourney Info page for more information.


[10/18/04]RRkit got relocated

Hey RR fans. I'm personally apologizing for the delay in the RRkit update. The website got relocated to another server, therefor the FTP changed aswell, and not being notified of the new FTP I couldnt update the site. So I sincerly apologize for that :)
Alright so the updates, a link added to the new single league FB, and a new map from TonY added to his pack.
I would like to remind you you can easily update your map pack by sending it to me using the contact page.


[09/19/04] Message from Flamie

Hey everyone, this is Flamie I would just like to let everyone know that I'll be taking care of RRkit from now on, There will be a big update pretty soon. I would also like to remind you all that the RRkit Tournament#12 will be held next Saturday. I hope to see you all there.


[08/08/04] RRkit #11 has been finished

A total of 34 ppl originally signed up for this tourney. It seems that some players neglected to read the announcements, PM the tourney info bot, which is always present in the channel during a tourney and neglected to ask others what the deal was with this scheme.
I urge you all to please read what it says everywhere. Know what you're doing.
This saves us all a lot of time and pain trying to get this tourney played.
Failing to do so has caused problems in round 1 because of various ppl. Other than that, a successful tourney if I do say so myself.
FlowingWater takes the cake this time and reaches a record breaking rating!
Congratulations, Flow :)


[08/08/04] RRkit #11!!!

Flamie will be hosting RRkit on August 21st at 7pm GMT in channel RH
The scheme is low gravity timetrial. This means you must use low gravity before you start roping and that you have one 90 second turn for each worm to get as far as possible.
I hope to see lots of you out there! :)


[08/07/04] Disk Space

RRkit recently ran out of disk space, but hopefully everything can be returned to normal in the next few days. That's what you people get for making so many good terrains? =)


[07/18/04] RRkit10 finished!

There were 50 people that played and Flamie emerged victorious by beating DarkOne in the final.


[07/15/04] More maps, new beta patch!

Greeting rope racers, RRkit Babysitter Bloopy here. After 3 months or so, the new beta patch is upon us, though with a bug or two it seems. Also if you haven't seen it yet, is now a new and improved rope race generator which works online, check it out!

Maps from AnAmAt, CharlyHustle, and Lenny have been added. Let's see if my tiny connection can handle updating the giant 'All Color Maps' file.


[07/09/04] RRkit #10!

Before I leave though... here's info about the next tourney:

Dextah090 will be hosting the next RRkit tourney on the 17th of July...

See his post on CL2K for details!


[07/07/04] Going on Vacation!

I'm leaving for my summer vacation to Russia! But don't worry... I'm leaving Bloopy in charge of the site! I'll be back around the 20th of August... Tourneys will continue as usual, obviously... DarkOne, Flamie, and Dextah should be hostin' them!

Also, if you wanna give a shout out to Bloopy, his e-mail is =)


[06/27/04] RRkit9 Finished!

Despite a few circumstances cutting down on participants, RRkit managed to get 44 people to compete! Mablak turned out to be the strongest amongst them. For more details, check the tourney section.


[06/26/04] Much Needed Updates...

First, I'd like to confirm that the TimeTrial tourney, which had been postponed, will be held today. For exact time see the counter at the bottom of the page.

The site has finally recieved some substantial updates... I know it's been nearly a month since the last big update, sorry about that, I was busy with exams. Anyway... the updates are as follows:

  • The color maps section has been completely updated, and now has a total of 216 color maps all available in one convenient pack.
  • In linear maps, the TonY and "various" map packs have been updated.
  • A skim screenshot has been added to the tricks section of the tutorial.
  • Four new replays have been added to the replays section of the downloads.
  • The official W:A screensaver was added to the miscellaneous downloads section.
  • A link was added to the links section and other outdated links were taken off.
'Till next time...

[06/19/04] Tourney Postponed...

Seeing as wormnet is down the tourney which was schedule to happen today will have to be postponed until a later date, probably saturday of next week. Keep tuned for more info.


[05/29/04] Another TimeTrial Tourney!

The RRkit tourney for the month of June has been announced! It will be held on Saturday, the 19th of June, at 7pm GMT/8pm BST. For more information on the tourney and how TimeTrial tourneys work see the tourney info section. Also, as you might have already noticed, every page on RRkit now has a tourney countdown at the very bottom thanks to FatalFanatic!

Also, here are two quite unrelated updates:


[05/27/04] The usual round of updates...

The site has been updated in various places, here are the details:

  • The color maps have been updated... quite a few good AnAmAt and HHC maps.
  • In linear maps, the MajeK, TonY, and Various map packs have all been updated.
  • Eight replays were added to the replays section of the downloads.
  • Intes KeyChanger, a nifty little program, was added to utilities.
  • Two new tricks (Extended Pump & Scroll Transition) were added to the tricks section of the tutorial.

Well, that's it... for now =)


[05/23/04] RRkit is not a clan!

Someone is logging on as me, using the name TonYrrKit... and recruiting for his new clan "rrKit..." Please be aware that...

This is not me, this is an imposter, RRkit is not a clan... if you were cheated by this person, then sorry.


[05/16/04] Tourney Results & Updates!!

The tourney on Saturday was a great sucess, with a turnout of 61 people. Congratulations to spalding for winning. For details see Flamie's post in the forum or take a look at the tourney info section. Also, don't forget to check out the new ranks!

Now, in regard to updates, I know I haven't been updating the site as often as I'd like to... Heck, it's been 21 days since the last update.

I did quite a bit today though, so take a look:

  • In the tourney section I updated the tourney info and ranks sections.
  • Quite a lot of updates in the maps section. I've uploaded all the new color maps that I've gleaned from various places; RRkit has a total of 172 color maps now! Also, quite a few maps have been added to the abstract maps section. Mablak, Bean, and Nebula (a.k.a. Poopy) packs were all uploaded; be sure to get those!
  • In the replays section of the Downloads, twelve new replays have been uploaded. There are a lot of really cool ones in here, so check 'em out.
  • In the tricks section of the tutorial, two new screenshots (Climb and Water Scrolls) were added to the tricks section.
  • And finally, in the links section, certain dead links were taken out of the wormy links section and a few new links were added to the other links section.

Also, as you may have noticed, the top banner now has a worm roping around in it. Hope you guys like it, it took me a little while to incorporate it into the site seamlessly =)


[04/25/04] May's Tourney & Updates...

The tourney for the month of May has been announced. For more details on that, check out DarkOne's forum post.

In addition to this, the rest of the site has been updated in various spots:

  • In the maps section, all of the color maps have been updated; a total of twenty new maps were uploaded. Also, the Seneca, Aspin, and TonY map packs, in the linear maps section, have all been updated.
  • The downloads section has also recieved quite a few updates. The official Time Trial RR scheme was added to the schemes section, and Deadcode's latest doctored replay has been added to the replays section. Also, Worms IP Override v2.0 was added to the utilities section.
  • Links to CL2K, the W:A Page of Light, and HHC's Team17 Tutorial were all added to the links section.
  • And finally, one new screenshot (Extension 2) was added to the tricks section of the tutorial.


[04/10/04] Tourney Results & Updates...

The tourney went great, with a turnout of 54 people. For complete results, check out either the Dextah's post or the Tourney Info page. Also, thanks to DarkOne for doing the Ranks =)

The site has also recieved a few updates:

  • In the maps section, the color maps were updated, and the Az01, DarkOne, and Various maps packs have updated.
  • And in the tricks section of the tutorial, two new moves have been added, and one replaced. Also, if you're bored, take a look a Marco's Arch =)


[04/08/04] Tourney Announcment & Updates...

DarkOne has announced the the next tourney will be on Saturday, the 10th of April; please check the tourney info page for more information.

The site has also recieved a myriad of updates:

  • The color maps section has recieved a massive update. And a pack of MajeK rope races has been added to the linear maps section.
  • Some replays, including a few by Deadcode, were added to the replays section.
  • Additions to the downloads section include the W:A Recorded Game Organiser, the latest patch, and Worms Breakout! In addition to this, various pages from the downloads section have been reorganized and revised.
  • In the tutorial section, three screenshots were added to the tricks page and both the tips page and trick descriptions have been slightly revised.
  • The latest tourney information has been posted on the tourney info page.


[03/16/04] Color Maps Updated!

As always, I'm keeping the color maps section up to date, but today the section recieved an especially large update! Enjoy those color maps!


[03/13/04] Tourney Results!

The tourney drew out 66 people. Take a look at DarkOne's post for details =)


[02/29/04] RRkit Tourney #6!

DarkOne has announced that the 6th RRkit tourney will be held on Saturday the 13th of March in RH, at 8pm GMT. For more information check out his post on the RRkit forum =)


[02/28/04] Tourney Results & Updates..

The Map-Time RR Tourney was quite sucessfull. All together, 52 people participated. Dextah090 won, you can find details and replays of the finals here.

Also, the site has also recieved various updates in the Maps, Tourney, and Replays sections. Check them out for more info.


[02/17/04] Color maps..

Some new color maps have been added to the maps section... since this section will be updated so often, I doubt I'll be posting an announcement for each little update, but I will add a "Last Updated" bit to the color maps page =)


[02/16/04] Massive Overhaul..

The site has been completely re-organized and revised. Each section now has various subsections. A lot of new stuff, including a Tourney section, was also added.

The tourney section has info about the current tourney, ranks based on results of previous tourneys, an outline of basic tourney procedures, and a mailing list. In addition to this, there is now a subsection for color maps in the maps section.

Various other updates include the addition of SoyYoSoyYo's frontend and the latest patch to the downloads section, the revision of the links section, and the addition of a section for replays in the downloads have also been made.


[02/07/04] MapTime RR Tourney!!

A date has been set for the MapTime RR tourney! It uses a special set of rules, adapted from Dextah's suggestions on the forum... the details are posted here.

Oh and by the way, email have started to work now, with an additional server move =P


[01/24/04] Forum's back up...

The forum has been set up again, with a lot of help from Markavian. All the old posts are gone, sorry. I did, however, post results from old RR tourneys, just for reference.

Also, I've added Dextah090 maps to the maps section, and a link to StarWorms' RR shop site has been added to the links.


[01/21/04] Downtime...

Due to some hosting problems RRkit has been down for a bit. Sorry for any inconvenience, my host assures me the problem has been fixed. Unfortunately the forum was lost; it will be down until Markavian is able install a new forum. Also, any e-mail sent to while the site was down was not recieved.

On a positive note, in light of Deadcode's recent update on the status of the beta patch, I've started to work on the first color RR map. I should be done pretty soon; I'm dedicating it to Deadcode for his renewed efforts.


[01/10/04] Tourney Results & Updates =)

January's tourney was another great sucess, with a total of 64 participants. Wargod won in the finals, for details please check out the bottom of Flamie's post. Well played everyone; next month's tourney should be announced within a week or two =)

In regard to the updates... in the maps section, Az01 RRs 25-40 have been uploaded and some maps have been added to the "various" map pack. In the tricks section of the tutorial, a few shots have been modified / taken out and the wizard shot has been added. Also, the latest version of the Tapometer has been added to the downloads section, and a link to WormTech has been added to the links section.

Oh... and did you notice the little RR in the top right corner? Didn't think so =)


[01/01/04] A small round of updates...

Happy New Year everyone, the site has recieved a small round of updates in almost every section.

In the maps section, the complete "updated" Lex map pack has been uploaded, and the latest TonY maps have been added. Also, a map pack of various maps I liked, but that didn't make it on the site because there weren't enough of them to make a pack, got uploaded.

In the downloads section, The Super Snooper v1.4 has been added and a most curious program called RopeBurn, which imitates roping in W:A, has also been added.

And finally the "long ropes" technique screenshot was added and a few other of screenshots were replaced in the tricks section of the tutorial. Oh, and please give your input on what you think this move should be called.


[12/20/03] Another Tourney!

Ethereal Flame (aka Flamie) is hosting January's RR Tourney. It will be held on Saturday, the 10th of January, as always, at 8 PM GMT. Should be a blast! Check out his post on the forum for details =)

Also... Dextah090 gave me the most interesting idea for a future tourney. Basically, you go by how fast you finish can finish a map (based on a few attempts) and not who finishes first. Check out the details and give your input here.

And finally... a few maps have been added to the Bloopy, Lex, Zeteg, and FatalFanatic map packs in the maps section.


[12/13/03] Tourney & Updates...

The RR tourney was another great sucess! This time 54 people showed up, that's a record... so far =) Check out the the forum post at the bottom for details.

I've added JoE's maps (mostly speed races and cannon maps) and the latest TonY maps to the maps section.

Also, I've added Bloopy's RR Missions to the downloads section. The third one is my favorite; you can compare your time others' times on Bloopy's site. The Pre-Beta3 patch has also been added to the downloads; it's basically a more stable version of the Beta2 patch, with a few extra features.

Links to Bloopy's Worms Page and WormsPro have aslo been added.


[12/07/03] Map updates & Tourney...

I've uploaded what I could find of the SenecA maps... if you have the rest please tell me here. Some pretty good semi-linear maps by RopeR, sent in by Lex, have also been uploaded.

Don't miss the next tourney but also be sure to give your input on what tourney you want after the next one...


[11/27/03] RR Tourney & Updates...

With the success of the last couple of tourneys DarkOne and I have decided that they will definitely become a monthly feature on RRkit. December's RR Tourney will be hosted on December the 13th at 8:00 PM GMT. See DarkOne's post on the forum for details.

Anyrate, various updates have been made to the maps page, including the addition of the latest Bloopy, Lex, and TonY maps!

Also, I've added a curious little program by X101 to the Downloads section. It outputs random RR maps by setting a grid and then generating a map in a "which direction next" fashion.

And links have been added to Solar's Worms Tutorial, DarkOne's RR Tutorial, and X101's RR-gen site.

I also added a Mexi screenshot to the tutorial on Friday... but didn't think it was important enough to have a seperate update for it =)


[11/13/03] Another RR Tourney! :D

Because the previous RR tourney was so successful DarkOne and I decided to make it a monthly event!

This month's tourney will be held on Saturday, the 22nd of November. Everyone is encouraged to participate. A couple of things are slightly different from last time. See the forum post for details.


[11/02/03] Downtime during the tourney...

The site was down for about a day starting on Saturday because of a link to Worms3D (full version) that I had posted. Oh well, what's done is done; the link has been taken off and a formal apology issued.

Despite the bad timing of this incident, the RR Tourney was a great success, 35 people participated but only one won, freez! Congratulations to freez and everyone that participated! =) See the forum post for details and watch for another tourney announcement sometime within the next two weeks.

Also, the site has been updated in a few spots. The QP RR pack has been released and is now available for download in the Maps section. In addition to this, three more screenshots were added to the tutorial.

I'm still waiting on Dynamic for the latest Fearless maps and Markavian should be installing an updated forum script pretty soon.


[10/26/03] Updates...

I've updated a few various parts of RR Kit:

  • The schemes now have worm select utilities (discussion), and WWP versions of the schemes are available.
  • Prompted by a few requests, I've added the required files necessary to run some of the programs available for download on RR Kit to the Downloads section. SchemeEd has also been added.
  • I've added a scrolls screenshot and a couple of tips that I've thought of recently to the tutorial.
  • A link to the Beta2 Update has been added to the links page.
  • And I've uploaded the latest TonY maps in the maps section.

Also, Dynamic should be finishing his first 75 maps very soon, which will be uploaded sometime this week. And be sure to show up for the RR Tourney next Saturday. Oh and one more thing...

Happy Birthday Lex!


[10/20/03] Rope Race Tourney :D

There will be a RR Tourney held by RR Kit and Clan RRp on Saturday, the 1st of November. Everyone is encouraged to participate. See the forum post for details.


[10/19/03] The Forum is up!

I've finally added the forum. Not much else is new, except I've added a couple of screenshots to the tutorial, which still isn't quite done. I also haven't been able to get SenecA maps from SenecA, his old hard drive can't be slaved to his new computer for some reason, so if anyone has them please send them to me :D


[10/11/03] Almost done...

The site is almost done. Most everything is up. I still need to...

  • Help SenecA get salvage his maps from on old hard drive (if anyone else has them, feel free to e-mail them to me at
  • Install a Forum (made by Markavian, check out the TFC site for an example of what it will look like).
  • Finish taking the rest of the animated screenshots (not many) for the Tutorial section.

Also, I realized that the site probably doesn't need a Contact section, if you do need to contact me, you can just e-mail me at or click my name at the bottom of each news post. And, be sure to check out the Tricks section in the Tutorial section to see the latest batch of shots that I've added.


[10/09/03] Work In Progress...

The site is still under intensive construction. The parts that are up are:

  • Home (News)...
  • The Scheme Downloads Section...
  • Some Screenshots The Tutorial Section...
  • The maps section...
  • And the links section...
I still need to...
  • In the maps section: I need to get the SenecA maps from Seneca, get the latest Fearless maps from Dynamic, get Az01 maps from Az01, and add ZeTeG's maps :D
  • Figure out why FatalFanatic or Darkone password protected their map packs on the RRp site...
  • Add a Links section...
  • Finish the Screenshots section and make it into a complete tutorial...
  • Expand the Scheme section into a Downloads section with other files...
  • Get help from Markavian installing his forums...
  • Add a contact page that can also be used for map/file submital...

I'll be crossing items off from this list as I finish them, check back later for more =)

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the site feel free to e-mail me for now, just until I get the Contact section up.


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