Rope Race Maps

Click on the author's name to download their maps. Extract the file to the "SavedLevels" folder. If you have any maps you'd like to submit, please do so through the forum.

Abstract Maps
(More or less linear maps with certain features that may not be appreciated by all)
AuthorDescriptionMap CountSize
Lex A strongly varied (in a good way) series of maps. 116 RRs
8 Evil RRs
2 CRRs
635 KB
DarkOne Nice maps with their own style. 41 RRs 287 KB
Nebula Artistic maps by Nebula (formerly Poopy). 66 RRs 560 KB
Dextah090 Characteristic, original maps. 32 RRs 115 KB
Magg0t Nice semi-linear maps. 35 RRs 89 KB
Bean Best of the the Bean series. 20 RRs 27 KB
Mablak Creative and fun MabDashes! 10 RRs 48 KB
LordZeteg The more abstract part of the Zeteg series. 37 RRs 90 KB
Krutgumman Probably the most abstract, non-making sense, weird, and at the same time awesome maps you will find on WormNet. 153 RRs 533 KB
WarZAbstract but fun maps.26 RRs107 KB

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