Rope Race Tutorial

This rope race tutorial is targetted towards newer players. It consists of three sections: the rules, tips, and screenshots of tricks. This tutorial was made by Tony.

Rope Race Rules

  • Place your worms at the start and rope to the finish.
  • In a regular rope race, the first person to the finish wins, however in a time trial game the person with the best time overall wins.
  • No rope knocking your opponent’s worms into the water.
  • No blocking of the start or any other parts of the map.
  • In a team game (with turns) you must get as many worms to the finish as there are players on a team.
  • Ties are possible in rope races with turns. A tie can occur only between the first worms that players use. If the player whose turn came first finishes, and then the player or players that came after finish in the very next turn, the game is a tie.

Proudly hosted by: Facko