Some files here run independently from W:A or WWP while others require that you put them in the W:A or WWP directory (or subdirectories within the User folder). Some also require that additional files be installed, available in the utilities section. If you have any files you'd like to submit, you can do so here.

Recorded Game Organiser v0.2 The Worms Armageddon Recorded Game Organiser, made by MrLee, lists your Recorded Game files in a neat table which you can sort by game type, player, and date!
Worms IP Override v2.0 Sometimes W:A or WWP isn't able to update your IP address as it changes, which prevents you from hosting; here's the solution to this problem, install this on your machine and the rest is pretty self explanatory.
Intes KeyChanger A nifty program which allows you to relocate keys on your keyboard. It's most useful for replacing keys that don't work well, such as the spacebar for some people.
Super Snooper v1.4 Chat in the W:A lobby from your desktop! Very convenient, but be sure not to use the same nick you do in W:A normally to avoid confusing the server and other wormers; most people just add "snoop" to the end of their names.
The BIT Monkey A useful program for encoding and decoding .BIT (map) files. Be sure to leave a good two centimeters around the sides on the maps you import to ensure WWP compatibility.
The Map Theif This program can be used to save the last map you played online. It works with the new patch, but you need to rename the .BIT file to .PNG for color maps =)
SchemeWorks 1.5.2 A program with which you can tweak existing schemes or create new ones for W:A or WWP. It offers more options (including cheats) than either game and more precision in the selection of values. This baby can even convert W:A scheme files to WWP scheme files!
TeamED Team Editor A program with which you can create and modify teams. You can also change your ranks in various places and your progress in the missions. It can also be used to set a worms sprite (animation) as your grave.
RR Gen The RR-Gen utility, by X101, outputs random RR maps by setting a grid and then generating a map in a "which direction next" fashion. Fun to play around with, but the maps tend to be a bit bland and have some wasted space. Visit for the new and improved online version!
Various Required Files This zip contains VB Runtimes and various other required files that are needed to run some of the programs on this website. See ReadMe.txt for details on installation.

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