TimeTrial Challenge Rules

First of all, welcome to the TimeTrial Challenge Section.

The TimeTrial Challenge Section is a competition, Rope Racers will be given a specific map, and on a period of 2 weeks, they can rope on it using the TimeTrial Rope Race Scheme, and try to have a good time on the map.

The map type will vary every time, Linears, Evils, Abstracts, Colored, 1 turners challenges will be held. Therefor every type of RopeRacer will be able to participate on the style in which he excels.

Here are the main rules you should know

  • Start on Start and Finish on Finish (duh!)
  • Only Send me the replay if it will be shown on the top10 times, you can see the standings here.
  • Send me the replay using the Contact Page, and selecting "Time Trial Challenge Replay" as the subject. I will update the Standings at the end of each day :)
  • Only the top 2 times of 1 player will be shown on the standings list, therefore if he has 5 times that should be in the top10, only 2 of them will be displayed!
  • It would be really appreciated no more then 3 worms per team and 2 teams only were used during a replay.
  • After 2 weeks, the challenge is over. I will add the replay to the replays section, and add the name, time, and replay in the old records section!
  • Finally, for each challenge, I will create a topic in the forum, for everyone to discuss the replays and the map itself!

I would like to thank Ryan for giving us this awesome idea :).


The tourney is over; click here for results.

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