Some files here run independently from W:A or WWP while others require that you put them in the W:A or WWP directory (or subdirectories within the User folder). Some also require that additional files be installed, available in the utilities section. If you have any files you'd like to submit, you can do so here.

Rope Race Scheme
The Rope Race scheme has unlimited ropes, parachutes, worm select utilities, and a 30 second turn time. Wascars also use this scheme. (WWP Version)
Time Trial RR Scheme
This scheme is used to determine map times (the time required to finish a map) or to just warm up. The counter goes up, instead of down. (No WWP Version)
Cannon RR Scheme Exactly the same as the Rope Race scheme except with unlimited Bananas :D (WWP Version)
LG RR Scheme The Low Gravity RR Scheme is exactly the same, except that you have an unlimited amount of the low gravity utility =) (WWP Version)

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